MineFinder 1.15

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The classic Minesweeper but with the most original design for the pieces.

Did you know that J K Rowling, when she was writing the Harry Potter books, has admitted that what stopped her from going completely crazy was taking a break from writing and playing a few games of Minesweeper? You probably didn't. However, if you find yourself in a similar position to her, then you might want to take a look at this program, called MineFinder 1.5. You need no second guess to tell that MineFinder 1.5 is a new variant of the classic and famous Minesweeper, but with pieces that have the most original designs, although keeping the addiction and entertainment the same as always.

A simple game of logic, in MineFinder 1.5 you need care and quite a bit of luck to win. You are presented with a board of blank cells, some of which have mines hiding behind them. For each cell you click on that opens to reveal nothing beneath it, you score points. For each cell you open that contains a mine, this goes against you as you will get blown up! Your mission is to avoid this and open all the empty cells first in order to advance to the next level.

In MineFinder 1.5 you have a variety of options like the difficulty level (there are four to choose from, including one where you can personalize it), the cell shape (square or hexagonal although it is unknown if this makes any difference other than aesthetic), the size of the cells and the sounds.

So get nostalgic and one with harry Potter's author and download this MineFinder 1.5 now. It's free!


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